Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Why I don’t like iOS’s (or Apple’s) development environment

I am an Android fan, but I use iPod/iPad too. I also own an Apple Mac. But after some trail on developing iOS Apps, I found some terrible experience on it.

  1. Develop on a Mac only.
    It’s weird. Since Mac is a good platform for daily usage, but I would also like to use Linux or Microsoft Windows to develop applications. We can have a very powerful (8GB RAM, Intel E8xxx CPU) PC below USD$500 (and $0 for ubuntu), but not in Mac’s world.
  2. Provision
    What’s that? Why can’t I run my SELF-WRITTEN application on my OWN device in a easy copy-and-run approach?
  3. Yearly Developer Program Fee
    I must make money from my application to pay for the developer program fee yearly. (But Microsoft and Amazon adopted the policy too…)
  4. DRM, or License issue
    I can not opt-out Apple’s DRM if I would like distribute to my app in App Store. Therefore I can not use any GPLed libraries (or codebase) in my application.
  5. iTunes
    Speed matters. iTunes is so slow in both Mac and Windows.